Prices for 2022 Markets (August-December)

Fork You Farms is rolling into the fall with pasture-raised lamb and pasture-raised duck! You can find us at the Warren Farmer's Market this year (Thursday evenings). You might see new faces, so please be patient as our little family operation gets a tiny bit bigger. If that doesn't work for you, shoot us a message and we can arrange private pick-up or delivery. Keep your eyes on our website, Facebook or Instagram for updates. Remember, you can also find our lamb at the Shaggy Coos farm store in Easton, CT and the Calf & Clover farm store in Cornwall Bridge, CT. Call before you go because once they get our stuff in, they sell out fast!

Bulk prices are available as well - just contact us to work it out!

We take credit cards or cash. Questions? Use the contact form, or call/text us at 848-224-5046 (normal business hours Tues/Fri/Sat 9am-5pm). 

Make this fall the most delicious one yet.

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